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Witcher 3 hjärtan av stenval. De första skotten av ondska

Focus on Horst, and once his health drops to about 5%, you’ll proceed automatically. Once you’ve killed Horst, speak with Ewald and take either the house, or the house with the documents within. Both choices will complete the quest. Horst Borsodi is a character in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt expansion Hearts of Stone.

Witcher 3 ewald or horst

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Witcher 3 ewald or horst

Consequences of choosing. Horst will try to lure one of your gang to his side. Ewald Borsodi is a character in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt expansion Hearts of Stone. He crosses the path of Geralt during the latter's search for Max Borsodi's House and, depending on the player's choice, can serve as the main antagonist of this story arc. He was voiced by Matthew Gravelle. Stick with Ewald: You'll end up fighting Horst, his two guards, and Quinto.

Witcher 3 ewald or horst

Si vous décidez de vous ranger aux côtés de Horst, choisissez la première ligne de dialogue puis affrontez Ewald (image26-27). Si Quinto est avec vous, il vous aidera à vaincre Ewald, si c’est Casimir qui vous accompagne, il se rangera aux côté d’Ewald et vous devrez également le tuer. 15. (Optional) Defeat Ewald Borsodi. If you have accepted Horst's offer then you will have to fight Ewald and Casimir if it was him who opened the vault. You won't kill him, Horst will.
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He didn't supplement this request with such key details as where this house was located or just 2020-10-24 · The Witcher 3 Open Sesame Gear And Rewards Aside from the viper diagrams and auction items, you are also able to grab a bunch of rewards from the vault. You will obviously need the Maximilian Brody's House item to complete the quest, but you can also pick up the Viper Venomous Steel sword diagram, and Ofier's Crossbow, plus plenty of currency, jewelry, gems, and other odds and ends.
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I took the rose from Iris, which was depressing as hell, The Witcher is all about meeting bad people who aren't EVIL. If you kill Ewald and Horst and mention it to Olgierd, Geralt indicates he would do the&nb 3. 9. Graden. x1.

Tweet. Share  22 Jan 2021 As is often the way, they may have recovered in time, but a debt collector named Horst Borsodi bought the Von Everec's debts and demanded  19 févr. 2016 Bloqué dans The Witcher 3 : Heart of Stone , le premier DLC du jeu ? La vente terminée et vos objets en poche, Horst Borsody vous approchera très froidement. Suivez donc Ewald jusqu'au coffre-fort dans le sou Alla uppdragstillägg "Witcher 3: A Hearts of Stone" äger rum i territoriet Efter segern avslutar Ewald Horst på golvet med en guldkopp. 3.